New Footsteps to Follow
Tyler is put on a positive path

The Little Dude
With the help of Dan, Gabe is growing strong.

Two’s Company
Selina & Corrine develop a model relationship.

Walking the Walk
Thanks to Ron, Edward is really on the move.

When Parallel Lines Intersect
Anita & Viktoria develop a bond without borders.

Carrying the Flag Together

Jack lost his father, but found a role model in Matt.

Climbing to new heights
Cheyenne conquers his fear and learns about himself.

It’s Not Brain Surgery
Iman gets an education in life from Omar.

Kindred spirits
Audri finds a fellow dog–lover and friend.

Knock, knock…
Andrew and Carlos share a good laugh, and an important friendship.

Learning to Soar like an Eagle
Dante needed direction. Rob was there to give it.

Singing Her Praises
Nicolette’s future sounds great, thanks to Ines.

The Girl’s Got Swagger
With Kate, Cindy’s confidence flourishes.

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